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Welcome to Clearly Opticians

Clearly Opticians are in the niche to provide quality vision care products and to experience personalized optometry services in India.

We are a family-owned company in Hyderabad since April 1999, which concerns optical services and vehemently operates the services in both online and offline mode to the customers across the landscape. The optical services that we offer come with “High-quality glass which are specifically customized to suit the customer’s specific needs and also their comfort”.

The high-quality glasses are made in a specialized lab, which is nurtured and also garnered with optometry specialists who are elaborately trained.

Our Rich Philosophy;

Since inception, we have been ardently believing the philosophy to offer optical services which have the quality standards and also affordable in terms of the pricing. We offer a niche which comprises contemporary design and styling as per the unique taste of the customers.

Our range of services include:

Free computerized eye testing




Prescription sunglasses

Contact lens

Spectacles service

Our value additions:

The opticians on-board clearly opticians have more than 26+ years of experience and expertise collectively in handling optical wears and are trained specifically to assist the customers in choosing the most suitable eyewear which impeccably matches your lens prescription.

Get tested with Hi-Tech Eye Testing equipment

We have on-board the powerful and advanced eye testing equipment which brings about the accurate and precise eye testing.

Quick and Reliable Eye Testing

The eye testing is done with 100% accuracy and the testing is done in less than 15 to 20 mins. The visitor can have his prescription generated after the eye testing in 10 mins.Assistance in placing online orders for spectacles.

The customer can enjoy the freedom to place the optical orders online, our specialized team assists you in accepting your online orders.

Avail the discount coupons at clearly opticians .

Avail the boon to get rewarded with discount coupons when taking care of your eyes. Save your money on every purchase, with discount coupons.

We organize free eye test camp

The eyes are the most valued possession of an individual and it becomes the responsibility to nurture them for a better eyesight. It is estimated that more than 80% of what we perceive is through the sight and keeping them under constant check is utmost necessary.

As a part of the initiative, Clearly opticians regularly carry out free test camps with certified optometrists.

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