Frames Features

  • 360 Flex Hinges

Do you find yourself fiddling with your glasses regularly? Our flexible hinges are designed to pivot 360°, which allows the frame sides to flex at any angle. This improved durability means they are ideal for people who regularly take their glasses on and off. You’ll find this feature in selected frames from our 989 range.

High prescription friendly frames

Worried about the depth of your lenses? Fear not. Specific frames in our 599 range have a deeper rim which are designed to hold high prescription lenses in place and disguise their thicker appearance.

Memory Metal Glasses

These cutting-edge frames withstand being misshapen or bent which makes them another good option for those of us who can’t help fiddling with our glasses. Their super flexible sides are made from a hi-tech Metal for an ultra-modern, minimalist look – you find them in our 590 range.

Lightweight Glasses

Looking for something subtle? Our 980 Rimless Range is specially engineered to be exceptionally light and subtle on the face. A fine groove is cut into the lens edge, allowing the frame to partially sit inside the lens. The materials used result in a frame so lightweight, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing glasses.

Titanium Glasses

Allergic to nickel frames? No worries – our 1599 Titanium Range features lightweight frames that provide comfortable wear all day and, what’s more, they’re all hypoallergenic so you can wear them without any of the side effects.